Family in Need

I first met Elena in 2008. My Dad was ill and had to move out of his home and in with me so we either had to get his home sold quickly or allow it to slip into foreclosure. After meeting with Elena and agreeing on some strategic, low-cost, ‘bang for the buck’ repairs and looking closely at comps in the neighborhood, as well as other homes in the market also listed, we came up with the right price and got the home under contract and sold in a very short time-frame.  This allowed my Dad to pocket some money in the process. Fast-forward a few years to 2013. After losing out on purchasing 3 other homes, Elena was able to react quickly on another and got us a great deal on the perfect home. Then in 2016, as I contemplated selling my old home, which I had been renting out, Elena had buyers waiting and the day it was listed it went under contract. While we have a professional relationship, it has also grown to a personal one. I consider Elena a trusted friend.